"Orhideja" brand history
Orhideja is a high-end European lingerie brand made in Latvia. The brand was established in 1993 in a small town on the coast of the Baltic sea as a family business. Today Orhideja is one of the leading manufactures of lingerie and swimwear in Baltic countries, with an export chain from USA and Canada to Russia and Europe. More then 20 years Orhideja brand is successfully operating on the home and foreign markets and since 2014 Orhideja launched its franchising store chain, with the first store opened in Estonia.
Orhideja offers a wide range of products, including classical lingerie, fashion lingerie, shapewear, sleep wear and swimwear.
Orhideja always participate in all the leading lingerie fairs, such as Paris Moda City and Interfiliere, Moscow Textilegprom, Birmingham MODA and many more. The brand is always developing and fast growing, with the turnover more than 650,000 units a year. The next point is to achieve 1,000,000 units a year.
  • 1
    Classic Lingerie (repeatable collection)
    Classic Shapewear
    Super Slim Shapewear (anti-cellulite)
    Fashion Collections
  • 2
    Size range
    Classic Lingerie - from 70А up to 100G
    Collections – from 70А up to 100G
    Swimwear - from 70B up to 90G/95F
  • 3
    “Orhideja” is about
    High Quality Products
    Wide Range of Products
    New Styles each season
    Marketing Support
    Quick Delivery
  • 4
    New designs and styles
    Own styles development
    Exclusive colours
    Innovative fabrics
    All new developments
  • Correction
  • Fashion Collections
  • Classic
  • Swimwear
  • Correction
    Orhideja offers 2 seperate lines of the shapewear. First line is the classical shapewear line with the very strong correction functions and many different designs. The model range is quite wide: correction waists, corsets and bodies.
    Second line is SUPER SLIM line. This collection offers a wide range of panties, bodies, torsetes, combi-dresses etc. Super slim line is specially designed to correct the shape in some specified areas, such as hips, waist and tummy. Most of the styles consists of the microcapsulated fabric in order to prevent the appearance of orange peel and cellulite. This anti-cellulite technology is the revolution in lingerie business and Orhideja was one of the innovators in this industry.
    Please check our collections in web filter in order to browse all styles. Also, check out out videos about the SUPER SLIM collection.
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  • Fashion
    Fashion collections are one of the most beautiful designs Orhideja offers on the market. Two collection a year – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections are always exclusively new and fresh designs. Our designer team always participate at Paris Interfiliere and cooperate with all of the leading fabric suppliers, such as Liebart, Bosseli, Willy Herman, Carvico, Rocle by Isabele and many more. All our designs are made with the special care and love in order to satisfy all our clients needs. Moreover most of the designs are also available in big sizes up to 100G. Please check our collections in web filter in order to browse all styles. Also, please check out short fashion collection videos.
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  • Classic
    Our leading, repeatable collection with more then 100 model styles and types. Available to order all year around with the short lead time for most of the styles. Some styles need to preordered 4 month before. The collection has basic designs and many kind of styles, such as bra for big sizes, balcony bra, plunge bra, soft cup bra, moulded bra, push up etc. Big bra sizes is one the main advantages of this collection. As all our styles specially designed in order to have great support for big bust. Together with the high waist briefs it Orhideja is the best choice for big bust women.
    Please check our collections in web filter in order to see all styles.
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  • Swimwear
    Orhideja has launched a new collection – swimwear! Colourful and comfortable styles. Only high quality material are used to produce Orhideja swimwear collection. Swimwear is resistant to chlorine water in the swimming pool, protects against UV sun light, resistant to salt water and sun creams. Please check our collections in web filter in order to browse all styles. Also, please check out backstage video from the swimwear shoot in Brighton.
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Brand Orhideja has its own factory in Liepaja, Latvia, with the total production space of more than 2000 sq. meters. The factory was renovated in 2005 by the latest European standards and at the moment is one the most high end and technological factories in the country, with more than 200 Japanese machines JUKI and 130 highly skilled employees.
Factory is equipped with the compressed air system and climate control system in all the departments, in order to control the temperature in sewing departments and keep the correct temperature in warehouses.
In 2010 factory was awarded by SEDEX ethical trade certificate. In 2008 in Paris company was awarded for the technology and quality.
  • Facts
    More then 2000 sq meters of production space
    High Quality Employees
    Turnover more then 650.000 units a year
  • Machinery
    New Japanese machines “Juki”
    More then 200 machines
    Own wire production
  • Sofwares
    German software ASSYST
    Digital Patterns
    Digital models development
  • Additional Equipment
    Compressed air
    Ventilation system
    Widescreen plotter
Quality certificates
SEDEX certificate
Golden award for technology and quality
Our factory has been awarded by the one of the most prestigious awards in the lingerie business for technology and quality. Golden award has been handed over in Paris in 2008.